I’m Back

Summer has begun and us Pugs need to protect ourselves from the heat! I am fortunate to have a wonderful pool to swim in.

This is my sister Cleopatra, I rest my case!

This is my sister Cleopatra, I rest my case!


OMG my pampered sister is coming to visit for Mothers Day Weekend! This bitch is spoiled and my human is going out of her mind preparing for her arrival!

Cleopatra is her name which sums it all up in a neat tidy bow! She doesn’t snore, she doesn’t scratch, she is not overweight, her teeth are perfect, her breathe smells fresh and her shit probably doesn’t stink!!!! (SORRY)

Cleo was born in Jamul and if she acts superior in any way I’m going to kick her ass!

She better acknowledge our mother for Mothers Day as well as acknowledging me for all I have done!

Thank you for allowing me to vent!


What on earth was Olive thinking! This is what gets us into trouble! When we have an overwhelming urge to do something and act on it without thinking through what the end result may bring.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Olive received her punishment!



Oh my gosh my mom taught me something the other day that I feel is important to pass on! Singing!!!

We were taking our morning nap and all of a sudden my mother lifted her neck as high as possible rolled her eyes back and began to sing at the top of her lungs! I decided to join in and within a minute I felt joyous and proud!

One of our humans pulled put the camera and took several pictures of us. My mother was teaching me that signing brings individuals great joy. We are no American Idols that’s for sure but I enjoyed being in the moment with my mother and I will be singing in a daily basis!

I got in trouble!

My humans husband cut up some left over chicken tonight and gave my mom and I an equal share.

I must read up on Overeaters Anonymous because my fat self didn’t even finish my own chicken, I ate a few bites and, tried to overtake my moms! As you may have guessed I lost my portion to the trash!

My human told me I was rude and took it away! I wanted to plead my case but no such luck!

I would have told him I was just standing guard for my mom while she ate, making sure nobody tried to steal her portion!

I know it is pathetic! I would have eaten every piece of my mothers chicken had I not been busted!!!!!





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The limit of what you can achieve with a simple stroke of the pencil is unmeasurable. Each finely positioned line has its own unique definition that is waiting to be unraveled. What is created on a piece of paper is more than just mear words but, more of an artistic way of speaking out. When you…

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My human gave me a bath today! I spell wonderful!