Oh my gosh my mom taught me something the other day that I feel is important to pass on! Singing!!!

We were taking our morning nap and all of a sudden my mother lifted her neck as high as possible rolled her eyes back and began to sing at the top of her lungs! I decided to join in and within a minute I felt joyous and proud!

One of our humans pulled put the camera and took several pictures of us. My mother was teaching me that signing brings individuals great joy. We are no American Idols that’s for sure but I enjoyed being in the moment with my mother and I will be singing in a daily basis!


I realize my first post may sound to some like I don’t love my life, I Do! I have come to terms with the fact that I will never know my father. I do know from my mother that I am black like him. I think maybe I remind my mom of my dad and that’s why she had a hard time as a single parent.

When my siblings and I were first born our humans made sure we had a lot of love and attention. I often think of my siblings and wonder what it’s like for those litters who get to live in a family with their mom, dad, and each other. I have met many neighbors and realize many of us are in the same boat.

Life is what you make it and positive attitude is everything.

I am grateful I have my mom with me even though she is relentless about cleaning my ears and eyes! I feel she is trying to make up for being a cold bitch when I was a pup. She is constantly licking my face and her breathe could kill a coyote! We didn’t have much money back in the day so some things had to suffer and our dental checkups were one of the things. My mom and I have the worst breath in the world. Honestly that’s how I know my human loves me unconditionally because she holds me close, tells me I’m stinky but kisses me everyday!

It is important to have unconditional love in our lives! I see it with my humans everyday! My human and her husband have been together for 26 years and they still say “I love you” everyday. I know times have been financially difficult for them yet I always have food in my bowl, laughter throughout my day, and more love then I can handle!

I am a lucky pug! My mom tries to act stuck-up and aloof around my humans but I know she really loves them and appreciates their support. I feel she may blame them for putting her in the situation with my dad and her getting pregnant. She did lose her girlish figure and from what I’ve heard my mom was a beauty queen!

Life is about making choices and I choose to accept my circumstances and make the most out of
it! Perhaps one day my mom will work through her issues. I often see my human trying to get through to her but she just walks away.

I could ramble for hours but it is time for my morning nap. I will post again real soon. I haven’t even mentioned my step sister now there’s a freak!

Life of Bubba (Super Pug)

Hello world my name is Bubba and I am the eldest child in my family. I am a beautiful full figured all black Pug. I am 6 years old and I still live with my mother!

My mother had five pups and being the first born it was my family duty to stay with her since my father just used her once and was never to be seen again! My siblings have all gone on to live spectacular lives in other cities. I live in a rural setting with beastly creatures on the ground and in the air!

I love my mom but I’m just saying…

Now my mom was not a natural and if it hadn’t been for our humans none of us would have taken Our first breathe let alone survived. My mom is the true definition of a BITCH! She only wanted to feed some of us when it was convenient to her and she never wanted to snuggle and bond with any of us! My humans are the greatest and I am eternally grateful!

I learned to speak English at a very young age and began to feel like a circus dog cuz my humans wanted me to say I love you every time they saw me! I decided I didn’t like speaking English and just began to scream and so they decided not to teach me any other English words!

I do at times say Ass-Hooooooo!

More to come I have many many stories to tell about my life!